Favorite Songs about Phones / by Christopher Moulios

All the HotlineSF DJs have become obsessed with phone imagery.  We have been gathering the best photos of our favorite artists with phones, locating various phone swag to give away at the big event, and even crafting special phone related DJ gear.  

Here is a collection of "phone" songs that we are anxiously waiting to play on March 31st:

Dragonette's "Pick up the phone"  (we especially love the giant 80's cellphone that appears in this video)

San Cisco's "Awkward" - An amazingly upbeat song about obsession and stalking in the age of texting.

MNDR's C.LU.B. is a tribute to the iPhone 4S (back when iOS was not "flat"!)

Maybe we could go old school with Blondie - who has multiple telephone songs ("Call Me" and "Hanging on the Telephone") ?

She talks to me in monotone - ADULT's Hand to phone.