Hop on the indie party bus! / by Christopher Moulios

One of our goals when creating Hotline was to connect all of our favorite indie dance parties in San Francisco.  That is why we are so happy this time around to be able to add Popscene to the mix for Hotline at DNA Lounge on Friday June 30th.


In the spirit of bringing our parties together, we LITERALLY connected Fringe and The Queen is Dead back in May on a Gillibus back and forth between the parties!

With a little help from Glitter Friends and photographer Deb Leal we set off between Madrone Art Bar & Milk Bar in San Francisco.


"Our parties had been running on the same night for years and I always wanted to figure out a way to combine them.  I took some inspiration from this still of the Grimes video for Genesis and thought, how hard could it be to rent a party bus?" - DJ Blondie K

So we grabbed some of our favorite friends from the Hotline Street Team and made a night of it.

What we learned:

2 parties are better then 1!

Dress to impress!

Don't leave home without your phone. 


Remain seated when the party bus is in motion. Trust us...

A pit stop to a favorite hang out is a great idea.

And finally, call all your friends and let them know where the party is going down!!!

If you think 2 parties are better then 1 just wait until we bring 5 INDIE DANCE PARTIES together for you for one epic night! 13 of San Francisco's favorite indie DJs in 4 rooms come together for one night at HOTLINE with dance parties Popscene, Fringe, The Queen is Dead, Last Night & Harder Better Faster Stronger.

Glitter Friends will also be there to get you ready for your glam shots in the Hotline Photo Booth Room. 

So call your girlfriend, call your lyft, but whatever you do, don't call out sick.  This party bus hits the station for one night only!!! 

HOTLINE is Friday June 30th at DNA LOUNGE. Jump on board!