Want a free 3 DAY PASS TO OUTSIDE LANDS!?! / by Christopher Moulios

Do you have the golden ticket?!? Buy Advanced Tickets to Hotline at DNA Lounge on 6/30 and receive a free Hotline tote bag filled with goodies. One bag will have a GOLDEN TICKET. If you have the golden ticket in your bag you WIN a 3 DAY PASS TO OUTSIDE LANDS!!!

How to enter to win:

Buy your advanced ticket today:

Pick up your free tote bag at Hotline on Friday June 30th at DNA Lounge with your advanced ticket sale.

Check your bag for the golden ticket!

If you have the golden ticket, bring it to the DJ booth to receive your ticket to Outside Lands!!!

Tote bags (and the golden ticket) will not be available if you wait and purchase your tickets at the door. So don’t get left out…get connected today!